Affilorama Review 2017: Scam or Legit ? Personal Opinion

I am going to do affilorama review. If you want to make money from affiliate marketing, then affilorama is the complete package.  I will cover up the points like pros, cons, features, pricing, plans etc.

What is Affilorama?

Affilorama is a bundle of video courses for affiliate marketing. The hours of video training has only aimed to make the user as a successful affiliate marketer.
See this short video.

Also, you will get many bonus stuff such as AffilioTheme, AffilioJetpack, AffilioTools.


Affilorama Highlights


  1. The basic plan starts at 0$, so you can access the training freely.
  2. The affiliate program has high paying commission
  3. Access to forum for all members
  4. Free hosting for your affiliate projects though it’s limited to 15 domains.
  5. The premium is affordable and even if the user hasn’t satisfied, he can take refund within 60 days.
  6. The premium trial is just 1$ for 30 days, that’s more than enough.


  1. The premium subscription is not worth as some training videos are out dated.
  2. The disk space is limited to 2GB only.
  3. You can’t contact Mark directly; their support staff will answer your question.

Affilorama Plans

Currently, Affilorama has only 2 plans: Free & Premium.  As I told before, you can opt for premium trial for just 1$.

Free Plan

The free plan is absolutely impressive. You will get 20 hours of training videos. One can easily learn basic to pro training. Also, you will receive written materials.

The free courses include affiliate marketing guide, Web site building, Pay per Click (PPC) & Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

So basically it guides you the basic of affiliate marketing and how it works. But some courses are outdated like the link building techniques are no more effective in 2017.

You will get some sales pitch to buy a premium membership in the free video session which is quite obvious in business.

Paid Plan

The paid plan has some more advanced training videos. The user will get in depth affiliate marketing guide which is worth of the money. If you are highly serious about affiliate marketing then go for it.

You will get beta access to AffilioTools which is exclusive for premium members.

More things you receive:

  1. Affiliate boot camp videos
  2. Free hosting for 15 Domains
  3. Product Creation Training

& many more

Affilorama Products

There are 3 affilorama products that you will receive in the subscription.  All the 3 are available in the free plan but there’s a lot more feature in the premium plan. These are the add-ons where you can take full benefits of your money. There are three products: Affliotheme, AffilioTools, AffilioJetpack.


As the name suggests affilioTheme is basically a web builder. It will guide how effectively you will use WordPress in affiliate marketing. This guide will give you ideas about making squeeze pages, Link Cloaking, maximum CTR ready website creation etc.

These are good but basic stuff can be found on the internet for free. So 97$ is not worth.


AffilioJetpack is basically for the people having a handsome amount of money to invest but don’t have time to watch videos. You need to give just 20% effort for this business. The system will do rest 80%. Mark created this for you to promote his products.

This package is quite costly. You have to pay 997$ for it. Along with this, you will get:

  1. 1-year email Newsletter
  2. AffilioTheme
  3. Webhosting for 1 year
  4. Profitable niches ideas
  5. 3 Free Reports

& Much More

If you are new in marketing, I will not recommend it as you will never know the ideas of building websites, newsletters, Niche research etc. Always start learning from scratch.

You can learn these things on Internet always and can skip this product.


It’s free to register. You will get a bunch of tools like SEO tools, affiliate marketing tools, social media tools, keyword tools and much more. Best this is you can integrate Affiliotools with major digital marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Moz, Click Bank, Bing, Facebook, Twitter etc.

It has a rank tracking tool by which you can track your SEO growth of websites keywords. The keyword research tool will help you to find lucrative keywords in any niche.

Also, you can view your website performance in every aspect (SEO, Social) over time.

It has a back link building tool which is not quite impressive for me. There are many great products available in the market such as ahrefs, Semrush.

It’s web based tool so you don’t have to worry about update and cross platform performance.


More offers for members! Yes, you will get a bundle of free bonus in your membership. Now that’s the crazy deal. Here are the deals you will get:

  1. Geckboard : 2-Month Trial + 50% Discount for Life
  2. Crazy Egg: 2 months Trial
  3. Constant Content: 25% on first order.
  4. HireWriters: 35% bonus on deposit
  5. Serps: 45 Day Trial

& more.


So that’s full depth review of Affilorama. I will suggest buying affilorama if you are serious enough to make money online.

It will guide you from the basic level to pro level. Try tests again & again to sharpen your knowledge in affiliate marketing.
So finally I have a positive sign for affilorama , It’s not a scam. Go & make money.


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