18 Insane Ways To Increase Your Facebook Page Likes?

10 ways to increase your facebook page likes that actually work

Social media traffic always good for brand awareness. Facebook page reach is decreasing heavily, so unless you have a large fan base, it’s very difficult to reach many people.

You can promote your brand via facebook paid promotion but building a fan base is always recommended.

Increasing your Facebook Likes is more like a social-media styled modern-day version of the conventional email subscribers building activity. However, there’s much more value to it since a ‘Like’ is not merely a vanity metric; as it rather resembles a real person showcasing.

However, there’s much more value to it since a ‘Like’ is not merely a vanity metric; as it rather resembles a real person showcasing an interest in your services. Being a 24x7x365 communication channel – Facebook is a robust force in digital marketing.


Go evergreen with your content

Posts with thoughts, ideas, concepts, etc. that remain valuable, informative, and do not change with the passage of time are called evergreen posts or evergreen content in general. Such content always remains relevant, for beginners in particular.

Why ?? 

  1. Facebook reach is slow nowadays. It takes a time to reach people.
  2. Not everyone opens facebook frequently. If your post will be not evergreen then it may loose its charm when reaching people after some days.
  3. In an example, Let you post a news story. After 2-3 days it will loose its charm. Nobody going to like it.
  4. Instead, if you post a meme or troll image/ video according to your niche, it will have the same charm after years and years.


The life span of current topics, such as news, reviews, celeb gossips, etc. is too little, lasting mainly around a few days to a few hours, maybe. Over a period of time, the content being pushed on social media is getting more and more time-bound, hence the reach and engagement of social media entities like FB posts are decreasing rapidly – and you may do well to capitalize on it.

Page Promotion

This is the easy method if you have some money to invest. Just pay facebook, they will advertise your page on various accounts subjected to your ad target & you will receive continues flow of likes.  You can also use Facebook for Business to create paid ad campaigns for your business page with Facebook Ads Manager. Consider the following tips to boost your page more effectively.

facebook page likes

  1. Use Facebook Page insights to good effect for analyzing that pattern and niche of your posts that are resonating well with your audience.
  2. You can create audience directly during ad creation or create your audience first via audience insights and use it during ad creation.
  3. You can create targeted audience during ad creation time but it’s always better to create audience first via audience insights as you have many more targeting options there.
  4. Use filters wisely to target posts in the best-fit niche. To enable filtering, you will need to turn on the “Allow targeting and privacy options when I create posts on my Page.” option in your Facebook Page settings.


Post Promotion

Post Boost is a cost-effective way to increase the number of Likes on your Facebook Page. Boosting a post not only costs less as compared to other types of Facebook ads but also gives you decent chances to get Likes on your Page.


  • Always make appealing posts that can magnetize comments and shares.
  • Don’t take sudden action if your ads costing much. Maximum time the cost per engagement decreases with the passage of time.
  • If your post organically performing well then facebook will show you an option to boost that post & boosting that post actually helps to get low-cost likes.
  • Always write something like “Like Our Post”, “Share this post” kind of text in your posts. It increases the chance of getting engagement 4X times.
  • You can even invite the people who liked the post to like your page.

How to boost a post?

Click on the Boost Post button at the lower-right corner of your Facebook post. Set the audience group and budget for your post promotion on Facebook and Instagram (you can even change your Payment Mode if required), and hit Boost Post.


Social Locker Plugin (WordPress)

If you are running a content site or blog hosted on WordPress, then there is a gem called social locker plugin.  With this awesome plugin, You can hide any blog post with a social locker. i.e user will be able to read the post only if they perform some social tasks like sharing, liking or tweeting the post etc.

facebook page likes

They will like/share/tweet my blog post, but how my facebook page will get likes?? 

Yes!, they have an option to modify the like URL i.e if you want to gain facebook page likes instead of blog post, simply make customize locker with facebook page url as your like parameter.

Now whenever a user will land on blog post & he/she will hit the like button on the locker to read the post, you will get a like.


Facebook Like Box Widget

Make the best use of your website or blog to generate Page Likes. Get a Likebox for your blog/website from here. The script is nothing but HTML/js script.  You can place that script anywhere in your blog.


  • Do not use plugins that include too much of iframes as they can reduce your website’s response time significantly. WordPress users can opt for an optimized stable plugin like WordPress Like Box Widget.
  • WordPress has some Popup plugins where you can place your FB Likebox Code & your blog will show facebook Like Box in popup mode for visitors.
  • Likebox in Popups Converts well to increase facebook page likes.

facebook page likes

Appealing Headlines

Compelling text can truly influence the conversion you get out of a Facebook Post. Facebook users are human & human are emotional, so fill emotions in your post.


Some headlines that I have seen & they worked.

“Like our page, if you really love Christiano Ronaldo” (for a C. Ronaldo Fans page)

“You can’t scroll down without liking this page”

“Tea Lovers, Hit Like!” (for a tea company brand page)


Facebook Videos

If You are not creating videos these days, You are loosing fans. Facebook video is the best way to tell the fans about the page.

A recent case study tells “videos has the maximum reach nowadays”. People love to share if you create great unique videos. Hence if they like your video, probably they will like your page.

You can promote your videos via ads even at a cheap price.


  1. Post videos natively (do not insert links from YouTube, etc.) as it increases your odds of getting more views
  2. Use relevant video tags to improve your videos reach and findability.
  3. Use videos with actionable first frame and immersive thumbnails
  4. Create shorter videos.
  5. Use Video insight for video performance analysis


facebook page likes


Facebook Keyword Power

There are two ways keyword can help you to get likes.

Use Keyword on Page Title 

Try to give keywords in the beginning of page title.

For example:

  1. Recipies of IndiaInstead of “Indian Recipes“. (when people will search “recipes”  they will find “Recipes of India” page not later one)
  2. Bike is what I Like” Instead of “I can’t live without my bike“. (nobody searches “I can’t live ….” but search “bike”, so the first one will appear on search)

Unlike Google, Facebook doesn’t have any keyword tool to see the search volume. but I am pretty much sure you have that much of common sense to guess.

If your page will appear first, your page has higher chances of getting likes.

Use Keyword on Page Posts

Facebook Posts are now searchable, so it’s a good ploy to add your keywords in the description of your Posts. People will land on your page clicking on that which may tend them to like your page too.


Create a group

There are always scores of people whose interests and your business bisect, meaning they are interested and accustomed to staying abreast of things that are in scope of your business. All you need to do is create a group for that niche, maintain it well, and ask them to jump onboard. After that, your can promote your page in the group which will help you to increase facebook page likes.


Here is a guide to make your group more active:  http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/facebook-group-popular-weekly-facebook-tips/

Page & Post Sharing

It’s a simple trick. You just need to find other pages in your niche then ask them to share your pages/post. Your page will reach more people which can give you likes too.  They may ask you to share their page on your page or just some bucks can do the work.

facebook page likes

Here a page named “Yo Yo Army” shared “Yo Yo ReLoaded” page’s  post.  So “Yo Yo ReLoaded” page can get likes from “Yo Yo Army” page fans.


Commenting is another way to solicit attention on any platform and Facebook is no different. You can comment on other pages across your niche on behalf of ‘your Page’ to make your presence felt. Valuable comments will certainly bring you the scores.

Also, you can comment on the blogs which have facebook comments as default commenting system. The comments should be placed in the blogs which have the same niche as yours also make “comment as your page” not as a profile.


facebook page likes

Go Live

Facebook live videos truly reach like insane. The Beautiful part is fans will get notification hence it will increase reach & friends of fans may like the pages also.

A page named Viral USA Gone live by showing NASA live footage. However, the video turned out to be fake still the page got million of likes in a day.

Going live from mobile is easy as it can be done via the app. There is a detailed guide to go live using your PC.

Create 2 pages to increase Facebook Page Likes

This might sound a bit odd but it truly works. Most certainly you would’ve never heard about this method but there are numerous Pages on Facebook that have a replica active on Facebook with a different name; for instance, check Car Throttle and Car Memes.

The pages have same posts, added on the same time, and even the number of likes on the two pages are the same. So it’s a wise approach since having two identical Pages with all similar content can actually help you spike the number of Facebook Reach hence increase in facebook page likes. Do give it a try.

facebook page likes

Viperchill published a case study about this :


Best time

“Those who fail to plan, actually plan to fail.” Read and heard it big time. And then, planning – or should I say Effective Planning comes from Research and Analysis. Keep a close eye on the trend of user activities on your Page. Try to gauge the time of the day or the day(s) of a week when your users are most active on your Page. You can get important information from Page Insight that can help you decide better.

In general, post more on weekends and towards the later part of the evening on week days. As per the Huffington Post, Thursday and Friday and the good days to post on Facebook for getting more facebook page likes.

Here is the best timing for facebook according to coschedule


Invite friends

Well this one is rather common, simple and does not really require much of explanation. Invite your friends on Facebook to Like your Page.


Delete non-active fans

For an example, consider a factor we can name (say) Effective Facebook Page Conversion Score, which we can assign a rough formula: Total Facebook Likes/Total Facebook Fans. Ideally you will like to have the score as 1, which means all your fans like your post or page.

The more your Score dips below 1, the less conversion you have. In such case, to ensure best results try to figure out and filter out inactive users who’re of no use other than piling up your “No. of Fans” thing.



Hashtags on Facebook

Hashtag is the buzz word these days. Now your post will be visible to public under the given hashtag, anyone viewing the public posts for your hashtag will see your posts, which obviously means you stand a chance to gain some Likes.

Tips :

Don’t use too many hashtags , it’s not Instagram. Use just 1 hashtag at a time. A case study by buzzsumo suggests higher hashtags decrease the engagements.


Giveaway campaign with Rafflecopter

Would anyone spare a moment to Like my Page if I offer some freebies and giveaway goodies? Most of the will, and that is somewhat obvious depending upon what the giveaway item is.

The same applies to you! You may use Rafflecopter, an online giveaway campaign management platform, to offer exciting goodies to people who perform some social activities like “Liking your Page“. Goodies may be anything, from an ebook to some sort of subscription and, then some.



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