How To Install WordPress Plugin? 3 Different Ways

WordPress plugins are most interesting things about WordPress. You can modify WordPress anyway you want with plugins. WordPress is known for its customizability and the plugins prove it. In this topic, I will cover How To Install WordPress Plugin ?

As you landed on this post, so I can guess either you are a newbie in WordPress or you faced some problems while using any method for plugin installation. Oh, let me tell you there is 3 easy way to install WordPress plugins. 

WordPress plugins installation can be done in 3 different ways . 2 methods without FTP & 1 with FTP.


  1. Search from WordPress library and install
  2. Upload via WordPress dashboard and install
  3. Upload via FTP and install


Install WordPress plugin without FTP

Almost all Webhost gives access to FTP File manager. If you failed to install WordPress plugin via FTP, then you can try these 2 methods.

Installing WordPress Plugins From WordPress library

This is super simple. After you have installed WordPress, There is a plugin section in left sidebar which manages the plugin system. Now if you know the name of the plugin, you can search that name in WordPress plugin library and install it.

Now let’s proceed to install a WordPress plugin

We are going to install a WordPress Plugin named “Yoast SEO” which is a great tool to manage and improve on-page SEO of your site. Under your dashboard navigate to Plugins >Add new. You can see a screen with many WordPress plugins also a search bar to search your desired plugin. We got the following results after searching “Yoast SEO”.

how to Install wordpress plugin

Now you can see the details about the plugin and compatibility score by clicking on details link. There is also stars which determine the popularity of that plugin. Better stars, better plugin. Without wasting time click on that “Install Now” button to install the plugin. After installation done, You will get a button to activate the plugin. Clicking on that button will finish the process and done the installation.

After that navigate to the plugins options panel and start tweaking WordPress.


Installing WordPress Plugins From Dashboard via Uploading. 

Some plugins are not available in WordPress library. in that case, you can download the plugin from the 3rd party site and install via the dashboard (P.S always download from trusted sources and some malicious plugins can cause severe damage to WordPress Site ).  Most plugins come with ZIP packages.

how to Install wordpress plugins

After you downloaded the plugin, click on the “Upload Plugin” button in the top section. You will get an option to upload the plugin. Upload the plugin which came with a zip archive. Activate the plugin as above method. That’s all.


Install WordPress plugin with FTP

Some guys are tech savvy. If you are one of them this is for you. The main advantage of this method is “BULK“. If you already have multiple plugins with you then You can upload and install at once.

If you have FTP access from your WebHost, simply navigate to the home directory. Then unzip the plugin and upload the plugin to /wp-content/plugins  folder. Now in the dashboard, move to plugins section and activate the plugin you want to use. You can also activate multiple plugins at once. You can delete the plugin just deleting the desired plugin folder from /wp-content/plugins/ folder.

install wordpress plugin

That’s so easy. if you find any further difficulties please comment down below.  Also if you have any suggestion for me,please comment .

That’s all about plugins, I recommend these must have WordPress Plugins for a WordPress site.



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