How to Use Profile Creation Sites to Boost Ranking & Branding

Yes, You heard right, profile creation sites for ranking & branding. This is 2017 & branding matters. Indirectly branding helps in search engine ranking.

If you want your site to be branded, make sure your website presence is good on the internet. I mean not only in Google.

profile creation sites


So why I am focusing on profile creation for branding?

Because it’s the first step for your online branding. For example, You have a design company then you should have an account on dribbble, behance or deviantart etc. These are not mandatory but it helps much.

These are popular design communities. So whenever people will surf these websites for design inspirations, they may find your brand & if they like, they can be your client.

Apart from this these, some profile allows a link back to your website which is good for SEO. Remember, don’t make profiles everywhere.

Things to remember before creating a profile.

  1. Make the brand profile where you need. E.g. if you are a development company, you brand profile should be on github, not dribbble.
  2. Don’t make profiles on low-quality sites i.e. sites with spam, Low Google indexation rate etc.
  3. Make the profile name exact to your domain or brand name. If you run apple.com, try to get a profile like twitter.com/apple or twitter.com/appleofficial but not twitter.com/orange. You can use this service to check brand name availability at once.
  4. Manage well. Don’t just create but if possible add stuff regularly.


Good Profile Vs Bad Profile

It’s Simple, a good profile is a profile everything well maintained. About bad profile, I will not say they are bad but useless. A bad profile is a profile not well maintained.

How Profile Links Can Boost Ranking?

Many blogs tell profile links are bad and dead in SEO, not really. I always believe if you get a link from a good website or page It helps.

For example, I made a profile on dribbble. After 2 hours I found my profile indexed on Google. So if Google is happy with the profile then you shouldn’t be worried.

Now few things you should remember while building profile links for SEO. Never be aggressive about building lots of profiles. Only build profiles where you can manage well. It’s even fine if you are not updating profile frequently but make sure your profile is not on spammy forums.

How To Make Perfect Profile Links

Here are some advises to give your profile a perfect shot.

Build Search friendly Profile

As Google’s Garry Ilyas told

let’s elaborate

You have built a link on https://www.behance.net.

Your profile will be now https://www.behance.net/YourBrand

It will get indexed. But according to Garry, it will not help for ranking. The ranking will happen when people will search “YourBrand” on Google and this https://www.behance.net/YourBrand URL will be served.

This is why your profile name should be your brand name.

People knows your brand > they will search your brand > Your profiles links will be served along with your website > You will get a positive SEO value

If you will create profiles with the names people will never search e.g.”dude249″, then your profile will be never served and no SEO value you will gain.

The Page Rank Funneling Method

This method is exclusively by Neil Patel. What he suggested to get engaged with the community and pass PageRank from them to your profile.

Here is the guide https://www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-link-building-chapter-11/

Top Profile Creation Sites

Now I am pretty much sure you got an idea to build powerful profile link rather than tons of useless profile link.

I have made a list of top profile creation sites where you can build your profile.


This is the common profile everyone should maintain. Facebook is a growing platform and most of the people are on this platform. So start creating a personal or business page. Fill the fields, give a good banner & most important thing maintain the page by updating it regularly.

Highlight: Traffic+Brand value.


The 2nd big social network. When you will add your website link in profile, it will short link it with t.co domain. Twitter is very easy medium to reach anyone, so regularly tweet start making connections.

Highlight: Indexing – Twitter is the best way to index your post on Google. Your link will have a higher chance of getting indexed in Google when you share them in your twitter timeline.


It’s known as the website for collections. Pinterest is one of the growing community so take advantage of it. If you are selling products thenPinterestt is the best platform for you. People will see your collections and if they attracted, they will buy.

Highlight: Traffic + Sales + SEO


It’s the social network from Google. Though it’s not have that userbase as facebook but it has a deep impact on SEO.

Highlight: SEO + Traffic


If you are a designer, you must have a profile on this website. Start creating graphics and upload to your profile. Your profile will get exposure and you will get a brand value.

Highlight: Brand value + Dofollow Link to your website (positive SEO value)


Same as Behance but only for premium members. You only can create a profile if somebody will invite you. If fortunately, you get a profile then start uploading your UI designs, graphic designs, product & poster designs etc.

Highlight: Brand Value + Powerful Dofollow link


It’s a platform for artists to showcase their arts. A free platform where artists from all over the world submit their works.

Highlight: Brand Value


It’s an online platform for photographers. You if you are a photographers or interest in photography then must join this platform. You can get ideas along with showcasing your works.

Highlight: You can sell photos and brand value as a photographer


It’s for showcasing infographics. if you are an infographic designer or your blog has infographics then you can feature them here.

Highlight: Traffic+ Nofollow Link + Sometimes you can get a backlink from where people will use your infographic.

Youtube & Vimeo

These are 2 video platforms almost similar in fucntions but Youtube has insane no of visitors with many more options. Attractive part is you can earn money from your videos also.  If you are any video, ad or animation agency then your creations can reach tons of people here. You can submit website links to every video.

Highlight: Traffic + Money+ Brand + Nofollow Link


Same as youtube but only for music. If you are a band or music studio, start making a profile in it.

Highlight: Brand + Nofollow Link

Storify & Medium

The writer’s platform. though anyone can contribute on this platform but if you are a writer I suggest you to start writing here. You can put your links on profiles and also in between articles.  Your article can be served to many readers which will give your article huge exposure.

Highlight: Though it gives nofollow link but great for Traffic + Brand as a writer.

Github & Stackoverflow

A must join platform for coders. With StackOverflow, you can ask questions and get answers whereas in Github you can submit your creations i.e scripts etc.

Highlight: Both of them accept link on profiles which is benefit for SEO.

Crunchbase & Angel.Co

If you are a startup, then join on these platforms soon. Your product can reach many investors with which you may get some investments.

Highlight: Traffic which can turn into leads + Investment.

So these are the top Profile Creation Sites for everyone. I categorized them in a meaningful manner. If anything I am missing please comment below.



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