Make Money with Rank and Rent SEO: Make $$$$$ Sleeping.

Does your affiliate niche website have low conversions? Does your AdSense blog earn low? If yes, then you should try this new model i.e. Rank and Rent. it can give you 100X profit than these ways.

Basically, this method is about ranking your website on a certain keyword and give a space in rent to the advertisers bidding for the same keywords in PPC.

But why? Can they bid on keywords to get #1 position in SERP?

Because sometimes it will cost them cheap. It’s better if someone else will refer your service than yourself. Also, when your website refers their services etc. it will build more trust on the user rather than traditional PPC ads.

Ok, so I think you got a little idea about this money making technique. Now let me describe the whole scenario.

The Rank and Rent SEO Guide

I will show you how to create a rank and rent site & turn them into a gold mine. Before that, I will tell you, in this method you have to deal with people. It’s not like placing ads or affiliate links and see money flowing.

Step1: Keyword Research

Keyword research is 1st thing you have to do when doing rank and rent SEO blog. You need to know these keywords are very different from AdSense or affiliate niche keywords. You have to guess how much you can make money with it. But there are some metrics so that you can find your perfect keyword.

The only tool I will use here is KWfinder. This is the most suitable Keyword research tool for this method.

Basically, Rank & Rent keywords are service based keywords by which you will give a customer or user to the advertiser. Like “Food Delivery in New York” or “Places to travel in Goa” etc.

You have to brainstorm these keywords.

Here let’s take an example of Rank & Rent Keyword: “Plumbers in Houston”. If you look at the CPC, It’s massive 33$. And Look at the competition, its 59/100 means advertisers are heavily spending money in it.

Rank and Rent SEO

So this is the opportunity.  If you can Rank and let’s say you have 100 daily visitors, you can Daily charge them 100$ per day. Let’s say you are giving 10 clicks to advertiser website.

This way advertiser is spending 10$ per click whereas in AdWords they have to spend 33$/click which is the quite higher amount.

Even lower the amount like 50$ a day still you will be in profit.

Now there is a little twist, you are not going to list only one service, you can list as many as you can.

So let’s say you have listed 5 websites & taking 50$ from each service.

You will earn 5X50$X30 = 7500$ per Month and recurring basis.


So that’s the perfect keyword for Rank & Rent. Now let’s move over to Domain name

Step 2: Domain Name

This is the 2nd important things after keyword research. You have to rank easily & fast & for this, you have to take an exact match or partial match. EMD’s are still effective.

Take domain something like houstonplumbers.com (subjected to availability).

50% work is done.

Step 3: Site Setup

Now Install WordPress on Hosting (Should be Fast). Install necessary plugins like Yoast, Akismet etc. Make home page as a static page.

Now about content Write something related to plumbing and should be high quality. Create content for the readers, not Google. Because the conversions depend upon the motivation of your content.

Write bit lengthy content as it helps to rank.  After that do necessary on page SEO. Write at least 1 blog post every week related to the Keyword (Here related to plumbing). Not every time your home page will attract links. So if you have blog posts, they can drive links to your site which will overall build the authority of the site.

So your site is ready for launch.

Step 4: Link Building

Link building will be normally like for every site. As I said, you will face little difficulties driving links for the home page. So earn links for blog posts. You can try any of the link building methods. But remember, build quality & long term links as the website will give you recurring profit.

You can read this Ahrefs article for more depth information

Step 5: Cold Call

Now your site in top 3 spots. It time to earn. Search the target keyword in google and see which services are advertising in AdWords.

Now Make a cold call to them or email that you have decent traffic in the exact niche they are advertising in Google.

Convince them how listing on your website can help him. Sometimes you have to do little bit negotiation.

Convincing them if fully depends upon your skills. If you are not good at speaking, then hire a VA for this job.

This video from Gary Vaynerchuk is what I am telling


Finally, you will start making a profit by a big margin. 90% chance business owners or services will get profit from your listing so they will continue to list their business.

The only thing after that is to maintain rank, so keep doing link building.

Also, keep adding business and increase profits.

This is how it’s done. Don’t forget to comment.

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