20 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Tools For SEO. 2016 Version

Keyword is the foundation in SEO. Your organic traffic depends upon how well your keyword performing on the search engine.

As always I say SEO is a continuous job. Your keyword rankings are not permanent. So if you are serious about SEO, start tracking your Keyword rankings & take necessary actions for growth.

In this era, if you want to get maximum traffic from a web page, you need to target multiple related keywords. It will more painful if you daily check tons of keyword rankings in search engine manually.

I will suggest it’s better to invest in a tool that regularly checks keyword rankings on behalf of you.

So which Keyword Rank Tracking Tool is good?

I found some great keyword rank monitoring tools which can help you tracking keyword position also much more features as an add-on.   


Let’s start.

Keyword Rank Tracking Tools


MOZ Rank Tracker

It’s a simple Rank Tracking tool from MOZ. This tool is bundled in Moz Pro Subscription with many additional tools like  Keyword Research Tool, Open Site Explorer etc. So you can’t buy rank tracking tool alone. But I don’t mind investing on Moz Pro as I am getting many other effective SEO tools in this subscription.


  • It sends email notification weekly for tracked keywords.
  • Supports 3 Major search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing
  • Multiple country locations

rank tracking


A dedicated tool only for keyword rank tracking. Google nowadays becoming smart and varies search results as per location. So the keyword ranking in Google.co.uk may not same as Google.com.  

This tool is designed to overcome this situation. Monitor your rankings as per location.


  • Track rankings as per city, zip code, region & country. That’s so precise!!.
  • Comes with more search data for a keyword like search volume, CPC, Indexed Pages etc.
  • You can add up to 200 websites, that’s huge !!
  • API for developers
  • Can track Youtube rankings
  • Track competitors rankings.

rank tracking



Another dedicated rank tracking tool. It has awesome customized subscription plans starting at only 19$/ month. So anybody can afford this & can upgrade the plan if he thinks his business is growing.


  • Location based tracking
  • Multi-device tracking. So get the rankings on the desktop, mobile or tablet devices for your keyword.
  • It can track rank up to 300 search engine position. That’s Massive !!
  • Multiple Users. You can collaborate work with team members.

rank tracking



If you are looking for some extra, then rankwatch is for you. This rank tracking tool comes with other cool SEO tools that you can’t ignore. I can its Swiss Knife of SEO.


  • City Based Tracking
  • The best part is keyword archive where you can see how google search looked like in past date for the given keyword.
  • Hidden Keyword: It will tell the keyword for which you are getting traffic but You are not aware of.
  • Some other cool features like email reporting, google analytics integration, keyword suggestion, backlinks analyzer.
  • Supports 170 search engines.


rank tracking



This software suits best for those who daily check a massive number of keyword rankings. This tool’s subscription plan starts from 99$ which give you to track 1000 Keywords.


  • The gem is you can track the keywords which are marked as “not provided” in google analytics.
  • Location specific keyword tracking.
  • You can view rankings up to 2 years back.
  • Other free SEO tools like backlink checker, API, website crawl checker & rank checker.

rank tracking



Starting at just 6.95$, this tool best suits for entry-level bloggers, internet marketers who have less budget. It also has a daily package in which rankings update only once in a day.


  • Generate CSV reports of your rankings.
  • Lightweight  API with an unlimited number of calls.
  • Google analytics integration.

rank tracking


Google Search Console

A Google tool & It’s FREE. This tool bests at accuracy but it provides reports in delay. The main thing is you don’t need to add any keyword. This tool automatically detects the keywords for which you are getting traffic & show rankings.  


  • Everything is free & unlimited.
  • Google’s own tool: no doubt about accuracy.



Advanced Web Ranking

A cool tool with unlimited reporting & limited to 2000 keywords (basic plan). Track social media performance with its addon.


  • A normal rank tracking tool with SEO audit feature.
  • Local rank tracking
  • Multiple users



This tool is best when you are doing local SEO. Track ranking from multiple locations with multiple search engines. For now supported search engines are Google, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, Naver, Bing, Youtube etc.


  • It has powerful API. Suits best for a data analyst to do data mining works.
  • Starts with Free Plan
  • Gives most accurate local rank as it uses local IP for tracking.
  • Comes with some free tools like Local citation tool, Keyword Density, Local Rank Checker etc.


Microsite Masters

Just another ranking tool with basic features. You can try it as it provides a free subscription for 10 keywords.


  • Basic rank tracking with FREE subscription plan

rank tracker

Pro Rank Tracker

As the name suggests this tool is very professional. It has an app, backup feature & WordPress plugin. A very handy tool supports major search engines & also amazon. Reports can be downloaded via xls, pdf or CSV format. Multilingual: Supports Spanish, French, German, & many more languages.


  • The mobile app, so that you can track your rankings on the go.
  • Free evaluation subscription plan.
  • WordPress Plugin to track rankings directly from your WordPress dashboard
  • Can take backups & save in G drive or Dropbox.
  • API


Rank Ranger

Rank ranger is a complete SEO tool that focuses mainly on the keyword. You can get all tools in a subscription.  You can track app store keyword ranking, that’s impressive !! Social signal tracking can be done by the help of this tool. Backlink tracking tool will help you to track backlinks you get.


  • App store keyword tracking
  • Google analytics, Google search console, PPC campaigns can be integrated.
  • Social analytics
  • You can get your PPC campaign performance by this tool. It provides traffic source & finds profitable keywords for your campaign.  
  • Landing page optimization.


Topvisior Rank Tracker Tool

Another simple tool with basic features. This tool has a mobile app but only available to iOS users.


  • Youtube video rank tracking.
  • Reveal keyword rankings of any web page that responsible for traffic.
  • It’s can track up to the 1000th position in the google search.


rank tracking



Based on reverse engineering this tool can identify for which keyword your web page has been ranking & then track the performance automatically. Unlike other rank trackers, you don’t need to do keyword research and add keywords to tracking rank. Supports many search engines.


  • Automatically finds the keyword. Sends notification whenever it finds a new keyword for which your page has been ranking.
  • Simple UI
  • Starting from 29$/month

Rank Reveal

As the name suggests it reveals the keywords for which any website ranks in search engine. It’s almost same as SmartSrep and allows an unlimited number of domains to track. You can track your competitor’s rankings for the keywords.


  • Local rank track
  • Automatic reveals and track the best keywords for which you have been ranking.
  • Real-time rank tracking


Again lookalike tool that reveals your keywords. It can track mobile rankings too. It has a cool feature named “buzz” which notifies the user when any desired phrase mentioned anywhere on the web. Failover system can act as rechecking.  Good graphical representation and UI.


  • WordPress Plugin
  • Referral program
  • Competitor tracking (Coming soon)
  • SEO audit feature which suggests SEO improvements your site needs

Rank Tracker By Link Assistant

This is the only PC based tool for SEO rank tracking. Basic features and shows your trackings over a period of time. It can also track multiple results for your chosen keyword. The visualization of your rank is best viewed in this program.


  • Advanced filtering of data
  • Cool charts and bars
  • Great at UI
  • Supports 574 search engines
  • Multilingual


It’s actually a full SEO tool with inbuilt rank tracker tool. Price starting at 100 Euro which is decent for this SEO bundle. It comes along with social media analytics tool. Keyword tools, Link tools, Social tools are packed in this.


  • Complete tool & rank tracker as add-on
  • Mobile SEO
  • It will show google algo updates happened over the period of time in your ranking graph.  

rank tracking



Simple but not great at UI. Keyword tracker comes along with backlink monitor add-on. Track up to 200 keywords. Multilingual & email alerts are its extra features.


  • Both Keyword & Link analysis tools



It’s not a dedicated tool for keyword rank tracking but a complete SEO tools pack. Semrush has a very good reputation in SEO industry. If you are an SEO professional then I will recommend you to invest in this awesome tool. Semrush has everything that an SEO specialist wants. Starting from Keyword tools to Backlink monitor tool it specializes maintaining its accuracy.


  • Bundle of tools like keyword planner, PPC tool, backlink monitor tool, keyword research tool social media analytics tool etc.
  • Free 1-month trial
  • It will let you know when any search engine algorithm update event happened.




(Minimum Subscription)


(Minimum Subscription)

Local RankingWebsite
MOZ Rank Tracker 300 99$ NO Click Here
Ranktrackr 100 15$ Yes Click
Ranktracker 100 19$ Yes Click
Rankwatch 250 29$ Yes Click
AuthorityLabs 1000 99$ Yes Click
Serpbook 25 6.95$ No Click
Google Search Console Unlimited Free No Click
Advanced Web Ranking 2000 49$ Yes Click
GeoRanker 5000 99$ Yes Click
Microsite Masters 150 19.95$ No Click
Pro Rank Tracker 300 19$ Yes Click
Rank Ranger 350 69$ Yes Click
Topvisior Rank Tracker  – 0$ Yes Click
SmartSerp 200 29$ No Click
Rank Reveal – Yes Click
RankScanner 30 Free No Click
Rank Tracker (Link Assistant) Unlimited 124.75$ Yes Click
SIStrix Unlimited 100 Euro Yes Click
Webceo 200 75$ No Click
Semrush Click


Thats all i gathered. If I forgot any great rank tracking tool, just comment below. I will add them soon.

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