The Most Powerful Reddit Marketing Guide You’ll Ever Read




A platform of people hate spam or a gold-mine for marketers.


Reddit is one of the best marketing platforms to get laser-targeted traffic to your website. But there’s one problem:


Redditors hate marketing.


This is why marketers stay away from this harsh platform. And if you leverage this platform, you’ll succeed in getting thousands of visitors to your site.


The question is:


How to use Reddit for marketing?


In this guide, I’ll show you exactly what you need to do for marketing on Reddit. At the end of this guide, you’ll be able to use Reddit and promote your content without people criticizing you.


So let’s jump in.


Reddit Basics 101


If you’re completely new to Reddit, don’t worry. Reddit is a community where you can find anything. Yes, anything. From funny memes to serious business stuff.


Their slogan “The front page of the Internet” says it all.




Every topic has a different category page which is called a subreddit. There is a subreddit of everything. Literally, everything.

There is a subreddit of everything. Literally, everything.


There are more than 100,000 subreddits today.




Each user has a karma. It is a simple gamification tactic used by Reddit to keep users engaged on their website. You can call it a popularity or reputation score. The higher your score, the more respect you’re given on Reddit.


There are two different types of karma. Link Karma and Comment Karma. You get link Karma when you post links. Not to mention, valuable links.


And when you post comments on different threads, you earn comment karma.


Earning karma is not as easy as it sounds. If you provide real value to the community by sharing helpful links and comments, you’ll get upvotes which will increase your karma.


Posting on Reddit


Posting on Reddit is very simple. You can submit a link post or a text post.

In a link post, you are required to include the URL of the page, title and a subreddit. You can also add a picture for the link.

Reddit marketing guide

In a text post, you need to include a title, choose your subreddit and add text.

Reddit marketing guide

These are the basics of Reddit that you need to know. Before you jump on a subreddit and promote your content blatantly, you need to develop a marketing strategy.


Many marketers who fail to promote their website on Reddit do not have any strategy that will help them grow.


Reddit Marketing Guide


Having a marketing strategy for Reddit will help you do things in a well and organized manner. But why do you even need a marketing strategy for Reddit?


Reddit is just like any other social platform. A marketing strategy will help you stay focused on your goals and do things accordingly. Moreover, it will help you measure the success of your marketing efforts.


So what’s the strategy?


It’s simple and will help you growth hack Reddit. Here is how this 3-step strategy will work:


  1. Find Niche Specific Subreddits
  2. Start Gaining Karma
  3. Promote Your Content


  1. Find Niche Specific Subreddits


Don’t just go ahead and start promoting your content on any subreddit you like. You need to find subreddits relevant to your content.


Subreddits that are active and where your target audience hangs out. You can find such subreddits directly on Reddit or you can use some tools.


First, let’s find subreddits on Reddit.


Let’s say I run a website about fat loss and I need to promote my website on subreddits related to fat loss.


  1. To find subreddits related to your website content, enter your topic on Reddit and hit the search button.


You’ll find subreddits related to your topic.

Reddit marketing guide

  1. Create a spreadsheet and make a list of all the subreddits you find. In your spreadsheet, include the name, link and the number of subscribers of the subreddit.

  1. Make a list of at least 15-20 subreddits related to your topic. If your topic is very specific, try to find 10 subreddits.


Now let’s find some subreddits using a tool. There are many subreddit finders but the one I would recommend you to use is Snoop Snoo.


You can enter your topic and it will show all the subreddits related to it.

Reddit marketing guide

What I like about this tool is that you can dig in and find more details of the subreddit.

Reddit marketing guide

This way, make a list of subreddits. These are subreddits you’ll be targeting and promoting your content on.


  1. Start Gaining Karma


Before you even share one link of your website on Reddit, you need to build karma. It doesn’t matter what you are sharing. It may be the best article in the world. People will criticize you no matter what.


The thing is:


Redditors don’t care what’s being shared, they care about who’s sharing it.


So if today you share a link to a valuable piece of content, people will make you feel bad for doing it. But if someone with around 2000 karma shares the same link, he’ll be appreciated for sharing the link.


Needless to say, you need to start gaining karma before you make your move and start promoting your content.


There are many ways to gain karma fast. Most of them include posting popular content on active subreddits like r/funny, r/cats, r/gifs etc.


If your content was not posted before, chances are there that it might hit it off and increase your karma.


But here’s a catch:


If you gain karma using these methods and then promote your website on your niche subreddits, people might call you out.


The reason behind this is that many Redditors will go to your profile and check what you post. And if they see that you’ve been posting gifs to r/funny and now suddenly you pop up to their subreddit and share your website, they’ll hate you.


You need to be active on your target subreddits so that people know that you are a regular member there. This might take time if your subreddit is not that active or too active.


What’s the solution:


A mix of the above two tactics.


Here’s how you can do this:


  • Post funny gifs and memes to subreddits like r/funny, r/cats, r/gifs.
  • Find other such funny threads on Reddit and post funny comments on them. Comment on only those threads that have less than 5 comments. This will make sure that people read your comment and upvote it.

Reddit marketing guide

  • Comment on your target subreddits and provide valuable information.


  • Post something useful to your target threads without providing any link.


You need to keep doing this until you have at least 200 comment karma and 100 link karma. If your target subreddits are very popular, then your karma should go above 1000.


  1. Promote Your Content


Here comes the most important part: Promoting your content on Reddit.


I already told you that people will do their best to make you feel bad for what you do. I have a bad news for you:


You will also face criticism. People will laugh at you, your website and make fun of your hard work. I know this is very painful. Sometimes you will feel that you should give up everything. But that’s Reddit.

I never seen anyone leverage Reddit without getting mud thrown at them. So if you want to promote your content on Reddit, prepare yourself.


People will try to pull you down but you should never give up. Just recently, I saw someone share an awesome article on Reddit.


But this is what happened to the poor guy:

That’s how people will try to beat you down.


Now you cannot completely stop people from bashing you on Reddit. But you can reduce the number of people who do this kind of stuff.


And that can only be done if you share valuable content the proper way.


The BIGGEST mistake I see marketers make on Reddit is that they share their content as a link.


Look at this:

Reddit marketing guide

This is what happens if you directly share a link on Reddit. Your post will be downvoted and you will lose karma.


To stop this from happening, you need to submit a text post instead of a link post.


But that’s not it. You need to provide detailed description of what the link is about and why you shared it.


You need to provide a reason to why someone should click your link and read it.


Here’s how you can achieve that:


Post something really valuable and provide a detailed description.


Providing a detailed description of what you’re sharing is very important. If you just add one sentence and your link, Redditors will clearly see it as self-promotion and mark the thread as spam.


This can often lead to bans from the subreddit and I’m sure you don’t want that to happen.


Here is an example of a good share which includes a detailed description:


You can ask your friends to give you upvotes so that your thread shows on the front page of the subreddit.


Once this happens, people will upvote/downvote depending upon what you shared.


Make sure you respond to all the comments because your comments can get upvoted and help you get some karma.


If there is a negative comment, don’t argue with the person because this can lead to downvotes on your comment.


Just respond positively.


Don’t post the same thing on different subreddits on the same day. People will recognize your promotion as spam and you’ll be banned from the subreddit.


Getting banned is not a big deal because you can always create a new account. What’s more dangerous is that subreddit moderators can ban your domain name. This means that if you share a link of the banned domain, your post will be automatically deleted.


Here are some tips to get the maximum from your share on Reddit:


  • Headlines rule Reddit. Keep your headline to the point and exciting. Using numbers in your headlines will increase the chances of getting your post on the top page of the subreddit.


  • Posting at the right time will help you get more upvotes. Recent study done by Data Stories shows that 9AM PST is the best time to post on Reddit.

  • Text posts get more comments than image posts. But if you want more upvotes, image posts will help you.

Reddit marketing guide

So if you share valuable content on the right subreddit, you’ll get good amount of upvotes and comments.


Reddit Success Stories


Now that you know how to use Reddit for marketing, I want to show you some case studies.


These case studies will help you get some idea of how Reddit works and how people managed to promote their website on Reddit.


  1. How A Reddit Marketing Genius Got Over 1,000,000 Visitors To His Blog From Reddit


Learn how Brian Swichkow managed to get over 150K visitors to his website in just 24 hours.

Reddit marketing guide

  1. A Reddit Traffic Case Study that Got Out of Control!


Mateen shared his success story on Reddit and got over 2000 visitors in a day to his post.

  1. Reddit Traffic Guide: How to Drive 1,000+ Visitors to Your Blog from Reddit in Less Than 30 Days

Verena Ho shares a great case study of Ryan Webris who managed to get over 1000 visitors to his website in just 30 days.


Must-Use Reddit Tools


Here are some tools that will help you grow your website traffic fast from Reddit.


  1. Karma Decay


This is a simple reverse image search tool for Reddit. If you are posting funny images and gifs on Reddit, chances are that people already posted them.


And if they were posted before, you won’t be able to get enough upvotes. What this tool does is that it will search for the image and will tell you if this image was shared before.

Reddit marketing guide

  1. Later for Reddit


Later for Reddit allows you to schedule posts for Reddit. Its free version allows you to schedule one post per week. If you want to schedule more posts, you can upgrade to higher plans.

Reddit marketing guide

  1. Karmalytics


Karmalytics is a Reddit alert tool that allows you to set alerts. You can target different keywords, brand names, domains and receive alerts as soon as there is any activity.

Reddit marketing guide

  1. Reddit Insight


This awesome tool will allow you to track your post or a user. This tracking is done in real-time so you can easily track the performance of your posts. With user tracking, you can track a user’s post and comment history.

Reddit marketing guide


Your Reddit Marketing Checklist


You need a checklist you can follow to make sure your Reddit marketing efforts bring in positive ROI.

This checklist will help you keep track of your activities on Reddit. Follow these tasks to get the maximum out of Reddit.


  1. From your list of subreddits, comment on one thread from each subreddit.
  2. Reply to other people’s comment on Reddit to interact with them. Agree or disagree with what they’re saying. Try to build up a conversation.
  3. Share something daily on the most popular subreddits like r/funny, r/gifs. Share something and unique. Make sure the timing is right.
  4. Share some valuable information on your target subreddits. Don’t share any link. Here is a great example.
  5. Once a week, share your website content. Don’t share the same content on different subreddits.
  6. At the end of the week, measure your comment and link karma. Keep track of your stats on Google Sheets.
  7. Create a separate sheet for your target subreddit and measure the performance of each share. (Download sheet below).  


These are the daily tasks you need to follow. You might be wondering why I haven’t included share your content in daily tasks.


The reason is:


You shouldn’t share your content daily. The best frequency of self-promotion is once a week. This will keep you away from being banned.




So this is how you can use Reddit for marketing. If you do everything right, you’ll eventually grow your reddit account and getting traffic to your website.


The only thing you ALWAYS need to remember is to provide value on Reddit and NEVER spam. Spam and you’re dead.


How To Start And Grow Your Own Subreddit


Starting your own subreddit is one of the best ways to grow and audience on Reddit. But before you do this, you must be very active and have high karma.


Don’t just create a subreddit when no one knows who you are. You need to be active and well-known in your target subreddits so that you can attract those people on your subreddit.


Creating a subreddit is easy but getting people on it and maintaining its quality is hard. Here’s how you can create your own subreddit.


  1. On the Reddit homepage, you’ll see “create your own subreddit” in the sidebar. Click on it.

  1. Now, you’ll have to enter the basic information about your subreddit. This includes the name, title, description, sidebar, submission text, language, type, content options, wiki, spam filter strength, look and feel and other options.


Visit your target subreddits and see what they’ve added. This will make your subreddit similar to your target ones.

You can customize your subreddit according to your business needs. Visit other business subreddits to get some inspiration.


You can change the header and logo of the subreddit and add your own theme by customizing the CSS.


Now promoting your subreddit is very important. Once you’ve created your subreddit, head over to r/newreddits to promote your subreddit.


But this alone is not enough, you need to get your subreddit in front of the eyes of your target audience.


To do this, go to your target subreddits and promote your subreddit. If you have a good reputation there, post a new thread.


If people in your target subreddits don’t know you very well, don’t post a new thread about your subreddit. Just mention your subreddit in the comments whenever relevant. Start cross-posting content to promote your subreddit.


You can also talk to the moderators of other subreddits and ask them to promote your subreddit. This can be done by introducing yourself on r/modclub where moderators get to know each other.


Maintaining growth of your subreddit is one of the most difficult tasks. There are many subreddits out there that are not active because people lost interest.


This can happen to your subreddit too if you don’t maintain the quality of content. You need to moderate spam and make sure people are posting relevant and quality content.


If you can’t do this alone, make someone else the moderator of your subreddit who can keep control of the activities happening. But if you want to do this alone, r/modhelp is good place to learn how to manage a subreddit.

Reddit marketing guide

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