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Great News! You have just landed in an excellent SEO service that offers guaranteed growth. 

I am Swaraj, Digital Marketer based in Bhubaneswar. I can help you get sales online. I am already working with dozens of companies & helped them generating 2-3X revenue via online.

What I Can do For You ?

I can do SEO for various types of business. Different business needs different SEO approach. I analyse the business goal & create a solid plan for them.  

Normal SEO

E-Commerce SEO

Local SEO

Multilingual SEO

My Bulletproof Approach

Our Analytical approach works in 2 ways: If the website is not performing in well / performing poorly in the search engine, we find the cause & start working on it.  If the Website is performing good in Search engine, we see the ways to make this even better. 

We never stop working even if your website is on the top. If we do, Sooner or later your competitor can beat you. 

Not all sites are equal; we make different plans for the various business.  


We are a fan of A/B testing. A/B testing always helps in the betterment of your website. It can directly affect SEO or CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation). 

We use various premium tools to measure your user experience in the web page. With multiple testings, we find the best layout for your webpage.

Thats, not the end, every month we repeat this to maximise your rank & conversions. 

We build white hat links that help your website to rank for a longer period. We do content marketing, outreach, Infographic etc. that attracts tons of links. 

I can guarantee that all our links will come from good blogs or top news portals. We will prepare excellent content that can earn links. 

Also, we do regular backlink audit and remove junk, spam links which demote your ranking in search engine. 

Before we start promoting your website by off page techniques, we fix UX & site structure of your website.  UX affects SEO & if users find difficulty browsing your website, then Google can demote your website in no time. 

In this step, we may need your developer’s assistance. We will send them a document of fixes to be made on your website. 

Technical SEO is one of the significant things website owners miss. After your website development is done, We do technical SEO audit and make your website upto SEO standard: This includes url structure, schema, broken links, meta tags, page speed, redirects etc. 

If technical SEO is wrong in your website then how much you give effort promoting, nothing going to happen. 

Custom built websites have most technical errors. If you are using CMS like Magento or WordPress, things can be more comfortable. 

Conversion Rate Optimization is done after you start receiving traffic.  CRO helps to achieve more leads/ Sales with the same amount of traffic. 

CRO can be done with A/B testing. 

We believe each visitors to your website should be engaged with your site.

Why you trust me?

I have been featured in Local News Show & Various National Magazines. Already doing business with billion $ companies. 

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Local SEO Case Study

Here is one result of our dental client from Bhubaneswar. The client needed customers for his dental clinic. We did local SEO on his website & his website started getting decent traffic. He boosted his revenue 2.29X buy SEO. 

We are now doing some social media & branding for his clinic. 

No more need of costly banners & leaflets in which conversion rates are horrible. 

E-Com SEO Case Study

Here is an example of local e-commerce printing store based at Bhubaneswar. The client wanted to sell his printing solutions online.

After necessary market research, we prepared a blueprint. 

After two months, the client got his first sale. After one year, you will be surprised to hear, clients online transaction is bigger than offline. 

Regular SEO Case Study

Here is a result of my work for a matrimonial website. The client was already worked with another SEO agency, but the result was not satisfactory. 

When I analysed the previous work, I saw very low-quality work had been done. 

I detoxified their website first, then started the SEO work. It was a hectic task, but finally, we enjoyed with the result.

1.64X times more revenue !!


We accept payments via Bank Transfer, UPI, Credit card, Debit Card, Paypal etc. I don’t receive cash or cheque. All charges will include service tax. The payment should be made monthly on time. The cost of your project will be decided after the meeting. As a marketing agency in Bhubaneswar, we need money to market your service: hence you have to pay upfront.  

It depends on your website. If your site needs technical modification, then it can take one month to do technical SEO. However, in 60-75 days, you can start seeing results. We will send you reports monthly of our SEO efforts. 

100%, We don’t do any malicious things that your business will suffer in the long run. We believe in long-term goals. Our primary aim is to give an excellent experience to the visitors

We don’t guarantee exact effects like Google Ranks etc., but we can ensure growth. You will see the increase in your website’s visitors for sure.  

The Google or other search engines ranks are depended upon their algorithm; we try our best to be at no 1. 

Depends upon your project. It depends upon how much keywords you are going to target, how much pages you are going to target etc.  However, we will give you the affordable price quote. 

Yes, you will be the admin of your any analytics account. You can see your website traffic stats whenever you want.  Even we welcome if you ever give any suggestion to us. 

6 yrs & continuing. I started my digital marketing journey back in 2012. From that day many things changed in the game of SEO. I still learn every day as SEO is an industry where things change in an eye blink.  After successful in-house products, we started SEO service in Bhubaneswar. 

There are tons of SEOs available today, but I am well-known for my analytical skill. When your website is performing well in the search engine, everything is fine. But when something bad happens to your website, I stand out here. I am good at finding causes that making your website performing low in the search engine.